WNYWeb Partners

If you are an Internet Service Provider, we would like to work with you to benefit the local Internet community. There's no money involved, and we strive to make WNYWeb as non-partisan as possible, so that you need not worry about sending your clients into the hands of the 'enemy.'

Here are some free services that we can provide for you and your clients:

WNYWeb Search
Most ISP's add search boxes such as "Search Yahoo" and "Search Lycos" to their home pages. You can also "Search Western New York" by adding our search form to your page. Our database holds more information about the Web in WNY than any other database. Contact us if you'd like to have your logo displayed on the search results page in addition to ours!

WNYWeb Classifieds
This is another service that you can offer your clients to increase your prestige. We will customize (for free) our classified advertisements section with your logo. If you are "XYZ Internet", your users will go to "XYZ Internet Classifieds" but they will actually see all the ads in our database. The more free classifieds, the better!

Added Exposure
Free listing in the category pages and search engine.

All of the above services are completely free, and you can discontinue them at any time. We encourage local sites to add the WNYWeb icon to their pages but this is only a suggestion.

For more information, please contact us!


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