Get a Free Home Page for Your Business!

Do you want a home page for your business on the Web, but aren't sure if you want to pay for one? We'll build you a page for free, and list it on WNYWeb for free. If you decide that you do in fact need a more advanced home page, you can contact the web presence providers. Be sure to shop around for the best quality and price (most providers charge both a setup fee and a monthly charge). Also, ask if you can get a domain name, and find out if you own your site or if they do.

Of course, before you spend any money, put your home page on WNYWeb for free!

Important Note: WNYWeb is only for businesses located in the "Western New York area". Basically, if you can drive to Warsaw, NY in about an hour and a half, then it counts as Western New York. (Businesses in Southern Ontario and Northwestern PA are OK, as long as their services are pertinent to residents of WNY).

The WNYWeb free home page is only for businesses that do not already have pages on the Web.

Before you proceed, please read the following notes:
If you agree with the above terms, you can now design your home page!

If you have already created your free home page, you can edit it here.


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