Jim Gerland Trocaire College Information Technology (BU 132) Fall 2015
Trocaire College

Course Description

This course includes practical applications of microcomputers through the use of software packages. Topics include an overview of microcomputer hardware and the operating system, an overview of application software including expected features, comparative analysis and integration. Hands-on experience with major software packages provides experience in the use of the operating system, a major spreadsheet package, a major word processing package and a major presentation package. Database concepts and Web Design will also be introduced.

Prerequisite Coursework: N/A

Instructor Information

Name: Jim Gerland
Office: RJS-201
Office Hours: Tuesdays 6:00-6:30pm School of Hospitality & Business RJS-201 or by appointment
Office Phone/Voice Mail: 827-2557
Email: (The best way to reach me)

Course Identification

Credit Hours: 1
Course meeting times: Tuesdays 6:30pm - 9:20pm (School of Hospitality & Business RJS-201)

Expected Student Outcomes

Course schedule is subject to change

Monday 6:30pm - 9:20pm (RJS Business School)

Course schedule is subject to change

WeekDate Topics Lab Assignments
1 August 25 No Class
Course Introduction
Intro to Computers
Office 2010 and Windows 7
3 Brief Intro
Profile Picture
2September 1Word Chapter 12Brief Intro Due
3September 8Word Chapter 22Research Paper
4September 15Word Chapter 33Résumé/Cover Letter 2 Due
5September 22Excel Chapter 11Spreadsheet
Research Paper Due
6September 29Excel Chapter 21 
7October 6Excel Chapter 33 
8October 13Columbus Day, No Class
9October 20PowerPoint Chapter 13Spreadsheet Due
10October 27PowerPoint Chapter 21Slide Show
11November 3PowerPoint Chapter 31 
12November 10Access Chapter 11
13November 17Web Design
Web Page
14November 24Web Design
Table Page Slide Show Due
15December 1Web Design
Form PageWork on Final Presenation
16December 8Final Presentations
Last day of class
Attendence is required


textbook coverMicrosoft Office 2010 Introductory
ISBN: 978-1-4390-7838-9
Student Data files jrg
* USB Flash Drive is highly recommended
* Access to a computer with Microsoft Office 2007/2010/2013 is required


Brief Intro3
Research Paper10
Household Budget10
Slide Show10
Home Web Page5
Table Web Page5
Form Web Page5
Multimedia Web Page5
In Class Labs10
Moodle Forums/In-Class Participation11

Assignments and Methods of Evaluating Student Progress

All assignments are due at the start of class. They must be submitted in the appropriate Moodle drop folder. Late assignments will lose one (1) point per week overdue.


Assignments are to be professionally prepared, documented, cited, and organized. Proofread and spell-check all assignments, include your name, date, course number and description of the assignment.

Extra Credit

Some assignments have an opportunity for one (1) point extra credit.

Trocaire College Grading Scale

Letter GradeTotal Points
A95 - 100
A-92 - 94
B+89 - 91
B85 - 88
B-82 - 84
C+ 79 - 81
C75 - 78
C-72 - 74
D+69 - 71
D65 - 68
F64 - 0

| Brief Intro | Résumé | Research Paper | Household Budget | Slide Show | Database | Presentation |

Brief Introduction & Profile Picture

Post an introduction about yourself in the "Brief Introduction" forum. Please include how you would rate yourself with technology, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Windows, etc. I think it would be good to know whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user of each of these areas. Also, please post a picture of yourself. If you don't already have your Trocaire ID card with your photo then you should also stop at Security. This will help me get to know you.

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Résumé & Cover Letter

For this assignment you will create two (2) Word documents. You will identify a job you are interested in and create a professionally formatted cover addressed to the HR person at the company you are submitting your résumé to. Your cover letter should include the position you are interested in and a few paragraphs detailing why you think you are qualified for this position. You will also create a professional résumé using one of the available Word templates. Make sure you check your grammar and spelling for both documents.

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Research Paper

For this assignment your will use a paper or writing project from a previous course. If you don't have one then you will need to create a new one based on your field of interest. You will format your paper to meet MLA Standards. In addition to using the appropriate font and paragraph styles, this includes:

Extra Credit: Include at least one (1) figure and one (1) table.

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Household Budget

For this assignment you will create an Excel spreadsheet detailing your household budget. This spreadsheet should include:

Extra Credit: Format your data as a table and apply conditional formatting on totals and averages.

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Slide Show

For this assignment you will create a PowerPoint slide show based on your research paper or some other topic related to your field of study or intended career. This slide show should include:

Extra Credit: Include an appropriate video, word document, or table from an Excel spreadsheet.

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For this assignment you will create a simple database using an available template. You should enter at least 10 records. Then verify that any forms and reports work and display the correct information.

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Final Presentation

For this assignment you will create a slide show based on some feature or set of features in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Access. This slide show should include:

You will have 15 minutes to present your slide show to the class. You should be prepared to take questions from the class.

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Classroom Policies and Procedures

Attendance Policy

Class attendance is required at all times. If you must miss a class please talk with the instructor. There are no make-up opportunities for assignments or tests.


Cheating or plagiarism will not be tolerated. If detected, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. A failing grade of F or 0% will be entered for the test or other educational activity in question.
  2. If the activity is a major test, the student will be assigned a failing grade for the course, mid term or final.
  3. The College system for reporting cheating or plagiarism will be followed. See Student Handbook.

Ethical Conduct

Each student is responsible for adhering to the Code of Student Conduct as stated in the student handbook. Students involved in any unethical activities in the class are subjected to discipline at the instructor’s discretion. Students are responsible for completion of assigned work. As would be expected of workers in any work environment, students are expected to work independently, to use their initiative in solving problems, and to have professional pride in their work.

Disabilities and Health Issues

Students with disability issues which might make it difficult to complete any assignment, activity or test required in the course should notify the instructor as soon as possible so that appropriate arrangements can be made.


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Chase Gauda Tonya Holliday J. Gabriel McNichol Tia Piotrowski Kristina Wagner