Let's Get Started with Stylesheets!

  1. Open Notepad++
  2. Open your index.html file
  3. Choose: File -> New
  4. Copy the Stylesheet Template (CSS) code (below)
  5. Paste that code into your new file
  6. Add some CSS styles to the body, h2, and p tags
    For example: background-color, color, font-family, etc.
  7. Save your file in your includes/ folder as: styles.css
  8. Change the Save as type: to: Cascade Stylesheets (*.css)
  9. Click: Run
  10. Choose: Launch in IE
    or Launch in Chrome
    or Launch in Firefox
  11. View your web page
  12. Make any changes
  13. Save your changes
  14. In your index.html file
  15. Add a link to this page.
    Change: <li>Add CSS to Your Home Page</li>
    to: <li><a href="index.html">Add CSS to Your Home Page</a></li>
  16. Save your changes
  17. View your web page
  18. Make any changes
  19. Save your changes

Stylesheet Template (CSS)

/* put your name here in this comment line */
body {
  /* body styles go here */
h2 {
  /* heading level 1 styles go here */
p {
  /* paragraph styles go here */