Guide to HTML, CSS and JavsScript (Computer Science 4 All Version)


I developed this guide as a way to present the HTML markup language to an introductory web design course. While teaching "Web Programming I" (MFC215) for Millard Fillmore College at the University at Buffalo and "Programming for the Web Environment I" (CIS375) at Buffalo State College for many semesters I have researched and used quite a few different HTML textbooks. Most of these textbooks covered the HTML, CSS and JavaScript topics well enough but they tended to be written with a general audience in mind. I needed to supplement these textbooks with numerous lecture notes specific to the UB web server environment. Throughout this guide I will use the bscacad3 web server in the examples. You will need to contact your web server support for specific setting for your web server hosting provider.

These courses have no pre-requisites so I needed to find a textbook and create notes aimed at a beginning level student. In reality, about 50% of my students each semester were at the beginning level and the rest were at a more advanced level already.

This guide is intended for you to learn the HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages syntax. So, I do not recommend using any of the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web page editors that create the actual HTML code for you. You will learn more by typing in the HTML, CSS and JavaScript tags and commands.

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